This is glass like you’ve never seen it before.


We engineer glass to do things nobody imagined.

In the months and weeks to come, you’ll witness a revolution in green infrastructure utilizing materials that will completely change how we view and approach resilient design and sustainable infrastructure, right here in SC. 

Formed in 2019 Glass WRX SC is an advanced materials company specializing in the production of next-generation engineered aggregates from recycled materials.

At Glass WRX SC, we are the leaders in creating innovative uses for post-consumer and industrial waste glass destined for the landfill. 

Our entire approach to business is designed to have a positive impact on the environment and economy of the communities we serve by upcycling waste into green products of higher value.


We develop systems and assist communities and municipalities in converting consumer waste into valuable assets and resources. We collect, sort, and broker an ever-expanding array of substrates – many are sold to local businesses and manufacturers who depend on these “raw” materials to run profitably.


Cities and Governments the world over are struggling to replace old and failing infrastructure with resilient solutions that are sustainable. We have answers for them with the introduction of a range of new lightweight and ultra-durable building materials.


From cleaning air of pollutants and water of toxins, to abating spills and filtering harmful chemical and organic compounds, we offer unique and proven solutions that have positive environmental impacts.


Our solutions save energy and benefit from waste streams that are predominately untapped.
Our eco-friendly manufacturing plant design puts energy back into the grid through a host of green technologies – positioning us as a local clean energy provider.

302 Parker Drive Beaufort, South Carolina 29906

Our Mission

We’re determined to do well by doing good. Good for the planet, and good for people.

Everyone working at Glass WRX SC has a stake in its success, but more than that, we have a stake in the future. We know how to help (re)build cities with solutions that work in harmony with nature without sacrificing progress.

We’re working toward a sustainable and resilient future – And we’re doing it in ways you’d never expect.


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